SECRETS OF A BLACK BOY is a brutally honest dramedy that gives voice to five young black men from Toronto as they come together for one last domino game at their local community centre before its permanent closure - a devastating result of the neighbourhood's revitalization project. With thousands of people already displaced, the ongoing dismantling of the community serves as a constant reminder that the only home many youth have ever known is literally being ripped apart with questionable explanation and rationale.

A theatrical masterpiece that sifts through all the gory thoughts, doubts, fears, questions, and obsessions that traipse through the mind of a black man.

Through a series of compelling monologues and authentic narratives mixed with musical interludes, our story critically explores the underlying effects of common stereotypes faced by racialized men and delves into several controversial issues including police brutality and injustice, mental health, domestic abuse, infidelity, inter-racial dating, and sexuality.