Veronica Chase, whose daughter has been declared a dangerous offender, has left a high-end private practice to become the lead psychiatrist at a run-down youth detention centre, nicknamed The Range.


 Are some people born evil? What if you were the parent of someone who was evil? Would you blame yourself? Would you still love your child unconditionally?

Veronica Chase is a psychiatric therapist who’s been appointed to an aging corrections facility built to house the usual assortment of gang members, violent offenders, and murderers. So why should we care?

...because these inmates are 13 to 17 years old.

While they may still be considered children, these inmates are complex, fully dimensional characters, and something about their cases will set them apart - a hidden mystery that Veronica innately senses and attempts to uncover. She will methodically dig into their lives to find out what really happened, piecing together the moments in their past that brought them to crisis. Everything has a cause and effect, and Veronica won’t rest until she’s found the underlying truth behind these crimes. She knows if she can help these children understand the root causes, they’ll finally have a chance at rebuilding their lives. 

Determined in her professional career, Veronica is also holding onto a seemingly dark secret that drives her commitment.  Eve, her daughter, is currently incarcerated as a dangerous offender, and is the underlying motivation for Veronica’s dedication to her work. Once an in-demand psychiatrist with high-end clientele, Veronica switched her focus to ‘child and adolescent’ psychiatry - the study, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of psycho-pathological disorders in children and adolescents. Her place of work is officially named Central West Detention Centre, however, young inmates have adopted a more compelling name for the facility - ‘The Range’.